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Wed Oct 3 07:41:08 EDT 2007


This is off topic and probably covered in a 1000 places but I could not find definitive answers. Would you mind explaining how you have Pidgin set-up to use googlechat/talk? Evidently the way I am doing it doesn't work. Thanks.


On Tue, 2 Oct 2007 16:55:56 -0500
"Alex Arbit" <aarbit at> wrote:

<> I know when I use Google Talk, all of my conversations are saved in my Gmail
<> account and available for searching.  Is this a function of merely using
<> Google's servers to chat, or if not, dose Pidgin replicate this
<> functionality?  I don't want logs saved locally, I just want Google Talk
<> conversation saved in my Gmail.
<> Thanks.
<> -Alex


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