Summary Remote DoS on receiving certain messages over IRC
Date 2005-04-02
CVE Number CVE-2005-0966
Discovered By Jean-Yves Lefort
Fixed In Release 1.2.1


The IRC protocol plugin in Gaim 1.2.0, and possibly earlier versions, allows:

  1. remote attackers to inject arbitrary Gaim markup via irc_msg_kick, irc_msg_mode, irc_msg_part, irc_msg_quit,
  2. remote attackers to inject arbitrary Pango markup and pop up empty dialog boxes via irc_msg_invite, or
  3. malicious IRC servers to cause a denial of service (application crash) by injecting certain Pango markup into irc_msg_badmode, irc_msg_banned, irc_msg_unknown, irc_msg_nochan functions.


The IRC protocol plugin was modified to escape appropriate messages passed to the Gaim core.

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